University of Memphis Basketball and Penny Hardaway

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Sep 23, 2018
Of course, I've made no secret that I live in downtown Memphis. I love this city.

Being mainly a basketball fan, I get to live in a city with both an NBA team and a college that is historically slanted towards basketball. I was at the game when we played UofM and won (Phil Forte went crazy from the perimeter if I remember correctly, Michael Cobbins had a decent game, which might've been after he tore his acl, can't recall).

Anyway, having watched Coach Boynton build (rebuild?) our program, it has taken my attention off of what Penny Hardaway is doing here with the Tigers. It's actually interesting to watch Penny and Coach Boynton, in some cases, make offers to the same recruits and battle it out. Of course, Penny has the name recognition. Our guy has the work ethic and whatever else recruits see when he sells them on our school and program. It makes me think of a bigger-picture movement happening with these younger coaches "stealing" recruits. Is it just me, or are Coach Boynton and Penny going to be at the forefront of top coaches eventually? I know the Caliparis and Kryzewzskis are still out there. But what Coach Boynton and Penny have been doing on the recruiting trail is nothing short of seismic activity. I say this all, as today Memphis secured a commitment from the #1 recruit, James Wiseman. They are now waiting on two more five-star recruits (Trendon Watford and Precious Achiuwa).

Also, if the Big 12 is ever to expand, Memphis should be included from a basketball standpoint and from being in SEC country.