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Oct 13, 2004
Even in the 50-60 year old crowd the vast majority of people who get it never have a symptom or the symptoms are so mild they don't think anything about it. I agree you still need to be careful it is causing a lot of people to get sick and a lot of people are dying. We can't let it control our life and world.
We CAN balance and innovate to save both lives and livelihood. I tend to agree with you 99% of the time, but this touched my family and it was worse on them than I thought it would be...brother is 58 and an avid cyclist...put him down for nearly two weeks with fever, body aches and weight loss due to nausea (lost 14 lbs off his 5'7" former OSU wrestler frame). Just now recovering. This is nothing to take totally for granted...we really need to continue to wash our hands, wear mask where appropriate, social distance and be aware of our surroundings even while we re-open...it's more important now than ever to be aware as we reopen. We can do this with kindness and gentleness to those in risk groups and still get back on our feet. This can be a major step forward for the society in terms of health into the future if we innovate and adjust in a way that keeps us all safe while re-invigorating our economy at the same time...it's not one or the other...it's a combination of both, IMHO, that's the wise choice we all should personally make.