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Aug 31, 2007
Stupid about AGW!!
Trump on the IG report: "It is incredible. Far worse than I ever would've thought possible. It's an embarrassment to our country, it's dishonest. It's everything that a lot of people thought it would be, except far worse."

Chris Wallace on Fox News..."the IG report shows the things Barr and Trump alleged did not happen"

#Trump, in remarks at the White House shortly after the report’s release, claimed that the report showed “an attempted overthrow and a lot of people were in on it.”
Dec 9, 2013
eye opening things learned from the IG report that Barr declassified prior to release

Not only did Ivanka meet w Steele, they are reporting that he was invited to trump tower in 2010 discussing possible employment for the trump org. The OIG report says when he was hired by Fusion GPS he was positively disposed towards the trumps.

Also the reporters breaking this story through ABC have had this info for a year but have not been able to produce it because ABCs standards for publication had not been satisfied. The reporters were recently given access to communications that backed up their previous intel.