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King Poke

Medical Mystery
A/V Subscriber
Aug 18, 2007
Frisco, TX

I hope they stick it to their ass in the punitive portion of the proceedings, the place has to close their doors, and everyone involved in the sorry situation from the college winds up shoveling shit at the local horse stable for the remainder of their working lives. My apologies to decent horse shit shovelers the World over.

Second best solution, they stick it to their ass, but they stay open and this and other colleges wake the F' up and stop this shit and fire every employee that engages in this kind of crap.
Future Oberlin student checking out their bursar bill. . . hey what’s this $500/credit hour bakery reconciliation fee?
Jul 22, 2011
Kind of like hiring a former MI6 spy to compile a dossier of dirt on your political opponent and then using that as a basis to use the government justice department to strong arm him for 2+ years. Oh, wait...
I had the same reaction. Watch the video. CNN's headline somehow manages to snip out the only quote where Graham appears to attack Trump and wasn't pointing out the extreme double standard of the left. God CNN sucks.