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Johnny 8ball's PR Manager
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Oct 16, 2003
Katy, TX
Yes, and they've blackmailed our tech companies into disclosing tech secrets, and have been selling illegally to rogue and terrorist states. It's difficult for me to see what we gain by lifting the fines and sanctions against them. Hopefully, he's using it as a tool in the negotiations with the NORKs.
I'm hoping this is a response to the negotiations...
US trade negotiator: China doesn't need us as much as we need them? Ok, call us back in a couple weeks.
-a couple of weeks later-
US trade negotiator: What's that the sanctions are killing your second largest telecom company? Gosh that's too bad, did I mention that we are also investigating Huawei?
-a couple of weeks later-
US trade negotiator: You're ready to talk about intellectual property and sanctions busting? Why didn't you say so, come on over.