Trump goes after CEO that resigned from presidential council over Trump's response Charlottesville

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NYC Poke

The Veil of Ignorance
Sep 24, 2007
I not a trump cheerleader. I am however objective.
You are not objective. You are a human, you have an opinion, and you are, by definition, subjective. We can all aspire to perfect objectivity, but none of us fully attain it.

Frankly, your presentation of the facts and your analysis of those facts does not indicate an aspiration towards objectivity.


Le Soleil
Mar 19, 2017
Here to there
Yeah, but Trump has replacements that want to join. He just didn't mention a few were:
  • Scott Goldsmith, owner of Dixie Republic for fine Confederate apparel
  • Marc Olivie, CEO of W.C. Bradley Co., parent company to TIKI brand
  • Lisa Szabo of OttSavings LLC, owner of

Got Milk? Not chocolate though.


Legendary Cowboy
Aug 31, 2007
Stupid about AGW!!
His Tweet should have read

Rather than passing on the pressure to the business people that I myself created...I'm going to let them off the hook without making myself look bad because they leave on their own accord because the Free Market of America is kicking them in the ass right now for being tied to me