True BEDLAM, OU v OSU women's softball!!

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Aug 16, 2012
Good point, but womens softball bedlam is much more fun to watch than bedlam golf;)
See, now I would disagree. Does not make either of us right or wrong, just our opinions. Personally, I cannot take the Jr.HS cheering, the ability of one person to determine the outcome over the course of an entire game, and sticking a bat out on an off-swing and watching the ball fly over the fence. Not discounting their talent, just not for me. I would much rather watch a guy control his own destiny, watch their swing as they bend the ball one way or the other, decide whether to punch it, loft it, chip it or run it. How they manage their game and how they execute it. Not stimulating action, but I am happy with the other aspects.