Herp Derp Trojan Condoms... OSU Basketball Sponsor????

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Dec 8, 2007
What is this "sex" you people speak of?

Also, I've been seeing this word... what was it? Oh yes - "beer". Been seeing "beer" around a lot lately, too.

Can someone please explain to me what these two things are? Because I am but a 27-year old who spent five years in college, so I am entirely ignorant as to what both of those things might be.
May 20, 2006
Was not able to be in Stillwater tonight to watch the POKES do battle... had to settle for the radio due to travel schedules.

I was horrified to hear TROJAN CONDOM commercials in the broadcast! Even worse, they were placed to family-friendly JOHNSON'S OF KINGFISHER! That's horrible! Now, Johnson's is associated with a condom company. This would be easier to accept if we were in New York, Los Angeles or Austin. But Stillwater???? Give me a break!

Is the radio station's sales staff so bad they must go to the lowest of advertisers???

I did not hear a disclaimer in the broadcast warning me of questionable / risqué messages. They should have done that if they are accepting their advertising dollars.
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Jun 15, 2009
Johnson's of Kingfisher is a car dealership, right? I'm having a hard time understanding why their reputation would take more of a hit than Trojan's in this scenario.