Transgender Sprinters Win Girls Indoor Track Championships

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Jul 20, 2018
Just think of all the stupidity that happened with title IX. Legitimate men's teams were decimated to make more money available for women's teams. Now this.


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Aug 11, 2011
Could you not be bothered with reading the article?
I did read the article and have seen many others like it as down south in the Houston area where there is a male wrestler getting his kicks kicking the shit out of girls in HS girls' wrestling. Things like this are not the only transgender issue, but it represents the issue as whole quite well. The false narrative spouted off by the liberal academia activist clearly represents the issues:

"A transgender girl is a girl and ought to be treated like one".
Patently false. If you have a pair of X chromosomes, you are female. Period. Do not care what you identify as, you are female.

"If you start to put limitations or exclusions on their participation....."
Nobody is limiting their participation IN MALE SPORTS where they belong.

" are disregarding and disrespecting the population of students based on a core aspect of their identity."
The "population of students"????? Once again, allowing the extreme minority to dictate how the vast majority is to behave. Patently wrong.

Disrespecting? How about all the actual young women who are being cheated out of their livelihood of which there are many, many more than there are these two. How is these two males' participation not disrespecting all of them?

"I understand that it appears to many people as an inequitable playing field..."
Uh, because it is you imbecile.

"...they don't have any context or knowledge about how that athlete's life would be if she weren't transgender."

Uh, yes we do. The mental and physical aspects of HS-aged males are well documented throughout history including all of the everyday concerns AS WELL AS sexual identity, but that does not negate the fact they are biologically male and should be competing against males. This is a pathetic grasp for sympathy.

"And it would be possible she'd be beating their daughters if she was cisgender"
First, it is absolutely pathetic our society is trying to force upon us a psychobabble word for someone identifying consistent with their biology. Used to be male meant male, female meant female. Now the left has deemed these oppressive and want us all to use a descriptive adjective just so we accidentally do not confuse a typical male/female with someone that is not typical at the risk of mis-identifying or upsetting them.

And secondly, no, it would NOT be possible they would be beating their daughters if they were "cisgender". The speculation is ludicrous as nobody knows what the situation would be if these two were actually females in the first place. Regardless, they are not female, they are male. The statement is baseless but calculated for effect to, in essence, say, "Your daughters would get beat by these two anyway." Again, who is disrespecting whom here?

So you see, your weak attempt at either humor or political morality has more than backfired. You tried to simplify a belief to being nothing more than a sports advantage when the sports advantage conveys far more of the overall issue than you recognize. I almost wonder if YOU read the article.
^^ This

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Jan 11, 2010
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Only the left wing loons can justify making all things unequal in the name of equality.

Kinda like Bruce Jenner now getting to play from the women's tees. Here I am, a 5'11" old coot playing from senior tees and he's a 6'3" Olympic gold medal decathlete years younger than me playing from the charity tees. Equality my arse.
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Mar 31, 2004
oklahoma city
You gotta hand it to these kids...Takes a lot of balls to compete the way they do.
I heard the girl that got third ran hard and was really pushing them. It looked like she might overtake them near the end. But, she lost. Apparently, she was just petered-out.
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Aug 16, 2012
I heard the girl that got third ran hard and was really pushing them. It looked like she might overtake them near the end. But, she lost. Apparently, she was just petered-out.
Really wish I could get .gifs to work. This needs a classic rimshot.


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Apr 4, 2005
For Shits and Gigs...I looked this up...Currently in Texas (Texas only) The top 100 Meter Dash time set by a HS boy in 2019 is: 10.64 seconds...that time would make him a gold medal winner in the Women's 100 Meter Dash in the last 6 Olympics.

This is only in TEXAS and only for this year...

Not just the last 6. All of them, with the exception of the PED aided FloJo. All of them, except that one.

Yeah, there's really no difference between men and women.

People are so stupid it boggles the mind.
Mar 11, 2006
Is this the one topic that everyone on this site actually agrees?
I don’t think I know anyone that thinks the idea of a person born male competitive against women in athletic events is close to fair or right.