Ticket Office e-mail to season ticket holders...

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Oct 16, 2003
Edmond, OK
(Received this on Monday, July 13th)

OSU Family,

Thank you for purchasing Cowboy Football season tickets! Due to the PAC 12 Conference's decision to not play non-conference games, the Oregon State home-opener has been impacted. Currently, the Oklahoma State Athletics department is exploring its choices and will share information as soon as it is available.

As a season ticket holder, you will not be expected to pay for games that are not played. Once OSU Athletics determines that playing a scheduled home game - including rescheduling or replacing it - is not possible, we will contact you with many prorated refund options. Thank you for your patience as we explore options for replacing the Oregon State game.

If over the next two months you do not feel comfortable attending games due to the ongoing COVID pandemic, please reach out to the ticket office to discuss your many options.

We are working with officials to ensure we provide the safest possible environment for all OSU Family members. If we must limit our capacity for the 2020 season, as a committed 2020 season ticket holder, you will be able to renew your current 2020 seat location in 2021. We will share our detailed seating and financial plans if and when a capacity limit is enacted.


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Apr 24, 2010
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IF THERE ARE EVEN any games this Fall, they will be played it will be with 20-25% capacity;

The athletic department are asking season ticket holders to volunteer to be excluded voluntarily before it becomes all about Posse Points.


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Sep 9, 2007
Piedmont, OK
Ticket rep told me the other day you can roll cost of ticket(s) and donation over to 2021 season as a potential option.
We just called and they gave us 3 options if we don't feel safe/comfortable coming to games. 1) Roll over our costs to 2021, 2) Donate the costs (lolz) or 3) get our money refunded but then our seats won't be held for next year. I imagine that we'll be going with option 1 but she said that we just needed to let them know before the first game. Who knows that may happen between now and then.