Thunder vs Blazers in the first round

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Federal Marshal
Jun 28, 2008
Inside the Basket of Deplorables
Wow!! It took the help of God himself tonight to get this matchup. It took a 28pt Blazer come back, with a team full of bench and g leaguers, Denver winning and the Thunder winning without PG. This was a stars aligning kinda night. We get Blazers in the first and avoid GSW plus forcing them to face Rockets in the second round. Blazers should be easy without Nurkic, probably 5 or so games, and then onto Denver, barring an upset. I like our chances because they are unproven. Just incredibly lucky considering how bad we have been since all star break.
Nov 16, 2013
Listening to the radio today led me to several conclusions:
1. Russell Westbrook needs to get in touch with Traitor and learn how to play the game from the HS superstar.
2. Steven Adam's needs to get in touch with Traitor and learn how to play the game.
3. Billy Donovan needs to get in touch with Traitor and learn how to coach the game
Jul 25, 2018
Boulder, CO
They gotta get past Portland, at least this year. Another first round loss would be extremely disappointing.

Also hearing chatter nationally that the Lakers may come after Presti. Have no clue if he'd actually be interested or not, but I don't want to see him go.
Jul 25, 2018
Boulder, CO
A strong gm won’t go there. It will have to be a puppet
I hope you guys are both right. And Presti's never struck me as a Hollywood-type guy, but you never know.

It's definitely going to be interesting to see what happens in LA. I, of course, hope their struggles continue & the LeBron "I am the center of the universe" tour rolls on. It's really remarkable how much public opinion on LeBron has soured & he hasn't done much to try to change it.

Magic leaves abruptly in one of the most bizarre things I've ever seen, & LeBron leaves it up to Kyle Kouzma & the other guys to face the press while he flies cross country to be at Dwayne Wade's last game.

His prerogative to do whatever, but it's pretty weak sauce to just go AWOL when you're the face of the franchise, the leader, & all that.