Thread For 'Ol Joe: It's Time

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Federal Marshal
Feb 7, 2007
Tulsa, OK

I bet many millennial's have no idea who Johnny Carson even is. That's how long Biden has been in DC and that's how long he's been accused of lying. This is from 1987 for Pete's sake.

This is the man the Democrat party wants to be president? :lol: He has the gall to stand up there and claim problems in this country are somebody else's fault. Look in the mirror pal. Trump may be a train wreck but old uncle Joe has been there for more than 3 decades.....if anything he's the cause of our problems, not the solution.


Territorial Marshal
Aug 11, 2011
You may want to take a peek at how the venue was laid out. The stage was in the middle of the venue. There were people in front of and above that screen.
But he doesn't a long time facing that way. In a situation like that you want to have face time with the camera as much as possible. You aren't trying to convince those in the audience, you are really trying to convince those watching the TV. So when he turned around and stayed there it made it awkward.

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