Thomas To Become Inaugural Inductee Into OSU Football Ring of Honor

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Jan 13, 2005
Sounds great. The only other two I would consider are Sanders and Miller...maybe Fenimore. Hopefully they all eventually make it
Once all the big names get in I would like to see Vernon Grant honored. Dude was the absolute heart and soul of those teams and he was taken far too soon. Maybe I'm partial because we were at OSU at the same time but I don't think people talk about him enough.
Nov 8, 2013
Jerry Sherk
Jon Kolb
Maybe Terry Brown
Mark Moore
Holder not the despicable P. Jones
The font will have to be somewhat smaller as the list will grow
Before renovation we had, I believe, AA on the walls somewhere
Have we started a statue fund?
Here are the 19 Consensus All-Americans from OSU per Sports Reference. I have sorted them by year. Only 10 in all of the 1900's. Already 10 (counting Blackmon twice) in the first 19 years of the 2000's.

Bob Fenimore 1945
John Ward 1969
Derrel Gofourth 1976
Terry Miller 1977
Rod Brown 1984
Leslie Oneal 1985
Thurman Thomas 1985
Barry Sanders 1988
Hart Lee Dykes 1988
Alonzo Mayes 1997
Rashaun Woods 2002
Dez Bryant 2008
Russell Okung 2009
Kendall Hunter 2010
Justin Blackmon 2010, 2011
Levy Adcock 2011
Justin Gilbert 2013
James Washington 2017
Chuba Hubbard 2019