This! (is a thread political in nature about racism and sports)

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Feb 7, 2005
Sammamish, Washington.Dallas, Texas.Maui, Hawaii
Yes. I agree. Racism is rampant today as it was yesterday and will be tomrrow. Talking about it and LISTENING are some of the best ways to reach the inner thoughts of everyone and at the same time, enough to drive some to the point of not caring anymore.
We are all on different paths in our lives. Lives that reach milestones. Some in order like everyone else, some milestones not in order like everyone else. That moment was when someone calls you that name, the name based solely on your skin. The experience of having the tar beat out of you before the milestone of a double digit birthday, because you're not the same kind of color as those that did reach it. That peculiar feeling you get when you know you're the best candidate and yet you didn't get the position. Yet, there's more on the path behind you. In front of you. You realize you're not alone. No matter how it happens or the order, everyone goes through a period, an evolving, the realization that you too have been an instigator, a victim of, and a conquerer of ones own heart; you realize that you can move on the path. Some are behind you who have yet to understand. Some are in front of you that completely understand. Some are next to you and they're screaming Go Pokes! The only color I'm passionate about now is orange. How orange are you?
Aug 11, 2004
Newkirk, Ok
Prejudice and bigotry are basic human emotions that aren't going to disappear. Racism is just one form of them. I think we all need to look in a mirror once in awhile to judge ourselves and our particular biases.