The tactical training at Boone Pickens Stadium

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Feb 27, 2018
In case you all want to read what went on at OSU's football stadium earlier this week...

STILLWATER — For OSU football fans, a worst-case scenario in Boone Pickens Stadium is spilled nachos, a late interception or shanked field goal as time expires. But police officers from across the country spent Thursday preparing for a life-threatening worst-case scenario.
Twenty police officers from SWAT teams practiced with live rounds from high-powered rifles in the stadium. From suites high above the turf, snipers took aim on 3-inch paper targets below.

Stillwater and Oklahoma State University police departments posted alerts on social media telling residents to ignore gunfire from the stadium. Although muffled outside the gates, shots in the stadium reverberated across the aluminum seats in all directions.

There's more photos on the article, but here's the first one: