The Decline of OCPAC in Oklahoma

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Jun 18, 2010
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OCPAC a Shadow of its Past Influence?
Last month we reported on the difficulty that OCPAC (Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee) found itself in, unable to sell enough tickets to fund its annual award dinner due to a lack of support after their endorsement of radical abolitionist Dan Fisher for governor. The initial awards banquet was "postponed" allegedly because several of the awardees had scheduling conflicts... on a Friday night...right...

OCPAC announced this week that the awards will be given on Tuesday April 3rd at 7:30 at an event center at 5201 N. Lincoln Blvd, OKC, no dinner or banquet, just a short presentation followed by a gubernatorial candidate forum, both of which are free and open to the public.

A once influential organization is hitting bottom and it is sad to see. First the founder and main leader Charlie Meadows runs into a buzz saw of criticism over a newsletter that even he said that would result in calls of bigotry and racism, followed by a quick "retirement" which was couched in the terms of "elevating Meadows" into a chairman emeritus position, no doubt to avoid admitting that the retirement was a bit too late, followed by a fairly nondescript successor who was as boring as watching paint dry but who also didn't offend and alienate as many Oklahomans.

All that slammed into a wall once the group announced their endorsement of radical abolitionist Dan Fisher, fragmenting the remaining members who supported several other gubernatorial candidates, all of whom were infuriated that the endorsement was made without a vote or even discussion of the issue. Thus the group found their own members refusing to buy dinner tickets and unable to fund the banquet in early February.

The OCPAC group was unusually religious and mostly ran by the John Birch Society crowd. Endorsing Dan Fisher, aka Taliban Dan, who had flung open the campaign offices the the radical abolitionist AHA group who specialized in picketing churches on Sunday and hurling abuse and slurs at the pastors and parishioners alike as they ran the gauntlet to attend services was not well received by the rank and file OCPAC members.