The Creepy Joe thread

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Territorial Marshal
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Oct 17, 2009
Joe is running to be the second US president who held office with alsheimers. That and I really fail to see much of a difference with Trump. Old, out of touch, talks out of his ass a lot, creepy towards women, etc. It looks like for the 3rd election in a row, I will be voting Libertarian.
Aug 16, 2012
January 2010 I was detained by airport police, us Marshal's, and county sheriff's deputies for pointing my finger at an insolent counter agent at LAX while explaining to him he will address me as Mr., not as "hey man". Told it is a threatening gesture. Guess only in the context of a patron they were screwing over


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Jun 24, 2005
He's equivalent to the 0u football team making the playoffs. The cards just seem to fall right. Hope the final results are the same as well.
I can think of several presidents in my lifetime who seem incredibly unlikely, but a combination of events fell into place that allowed a path to the White House. The older I get the more I realize I really suck at political predictions.

Lyndon Johnson - Obnoxious jack wagon who offended everyone he came in contact with.

Jimmy Carter - Peanut farmer from Georgia who couldn't possibly appeal to large Democratic voting blocks.

Barack Obama - Unknown black guy, left of much of the population, with the middle name Hussein, at a time many Americans weren't in love with another Hussein. Not bashing, just saying it's historically not a high percentage play.

Donald Trump - Seriously? An unhinged (Republican?) who bashes the media, has a series of bankruptcies and divorces, who has no track record of supporting many of the Republican base ideals.

At this point I rely on the Magic 8 ball for my political predictions.