The AD list?

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Jun 29, 2004
La Jolla, California
There is a thought in athletics that ADs should keep a list of head coaches they are interested in just in case. You have this story re-surfacing from 1989, Sam Mayes claiming Gundy was racially insensitive to him in 2004 and former OSU football players tweeting that Gundy used racially charged language in practices. So you have to wonder if Mike Holder is looking at that list just in case. If he is, I wonder what names are on that list?
Oct 25, 2009
Twin Falls, ID
This bunch of BS needs to die a painful death. Its ridiculous at best and its entrapment at its worst. Who gives a flying turd whether Gundy wore an OAN t-shirt. He didnt wear a KKK hood. So, has any player ever worn a t-shirt that supports a brand others would find offensive? And did they get called out by the Admin, coaches, teammates, national sports media because of it? Hell no!!! If Mike Gundy wore a t-shirt that said "Putin is my best friend", he still shouldnt have to defend himself. There is something called Freedom of Expression here. Now, if he wore a "Barry Switzer is the only Barry you should know" shirt....thats grounds for immediate dismissal.:pistols: