Ted Cruz trying to get Abortion pill classified as dangerous drug

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Has no Rx for his orange obsession.
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Nov 8, 2004
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I see "apocalyptic" as negative because I don't want to see the world judged. I care about mankind and want it to move to a better place...not an apocalyptic one. I don't see the other two words as negative in any way. Once again, I'm Okie and I'm just being honest...maybe it's not the informed way to see "apocalyptic" but I do see it as a word with the connotations of judgement and that makes me sad for those judged. Does that give you a better understanding on how I, personally, see it as a "negative" word, not the word itself but what it means to have it happen (i.e. the apocalypse?)
Oh good grief. Yes, the word has no actual meaning except what you imbue it with. It is "negative" simply because you misunderstand it that way. You are absolutely right to stand your ground and defend your misunderstanding, to the death if necessary, rather than, you know, like, look up the actual meaning of the word.