Syrian Missile defense accidentally shoots down Russian military Plane

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Aug 31, 2007
Stupid about AGW!!
Yesterday a Russian military patrol plane with 15 soldiers on board was flying over Syria as France and Israel were launching missile and air strikes against Syrian positions which they claimed were manufacturing weapons for and about to deliver them to Hezbollah in Lebanon to be used in attacks against Israel. Israel had contacted the Russian govt and warned them of the strike prior to it being held.

Syrian anti air defenses begin firing anti aircraft missiles indiscriminately and accidentally hit and destroyed the Russian patrol plane monitoring the attack.

Israel issued a condolences to Russia over the incident and promised to share all information they had with Russia detailing the Syrian anti aircraft strike that took down their military plane.


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Oct 15, 2003
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You can argue the IDF is incorrect, but when it comes to believing the IDF or Russia...I think I will pick the IDF
How about what is not being said?

Iran has moved it's bases increasingly closer to Russian bases to help shield them from Israeli attacks, so now (perhaps, wink, wink, wink) Israel uses the same tactic and uses the Russian plane as a "shield" to avoid fire while they hit those bases... tit-for-tat? Turn about is fair play?

None of them will tell you what is really going on over there when incidents like this happen.

It's a constant game of one-up man-ship, and ah ha moments when one side has been found out by the other.