Survival Pool Week 2 2015

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We don't need no, thot kuntrol
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Feb 16, 2011
dark sarcasm in the classroom
Wanted to get this out so folks can start making their prognostications.
Will update everything before eow.

obh of @Cimarron

Official Survival Pool Week 2 2015

1) Pick one college FBS team per week
3) Once you pick a team you MAY NOT PICK THEM AGAIN
4) If your pick loses you're out
5) You only advance to the next week if your pick wins
6) If you don't pick you're out
7) If you wait too long, and SATURDAY games have kicked off you're OUT (All picks must be posted before 11:00 AM CT - see rule 8 for exceptions)
8) If you pick teams that play prior to Saturday those picks have to be made before that game kicks off
9) Last player standing wins
10) Ties (last standing players) will be broken by posting total points scored in the game in the final week with their pick
11) Picks must be posted in that week’s thread
12) All picks must be regular season games, conference championship games are not included
13) If you can’t make a pick in any given week you are out
14) You CAN NOT PM your picks
15) You CAN NOT create a new thread to post your pick
16) Managing your picks is part of the game. I will not tell you who you have picked.
17) With your pick post a prediction for the total number of points scored in that game.
18) If all the undefeated teams lose in a given week or no survivors can advance to the next week rule 17 serves as the tie breaker (if no survivors can advance ties will be broken first among those with a winning team in the current week and then among those with a losing team if no one has a winning team).
19) Each succeeding week post your pick for that week as well as those of your previous picks.
20) As moderator of the pool I will settle all disputes and reserve the right to defer a decision to an OP member of my choosing.
21) If you change a pick, don’t make a change in the original post just make a new post. I use the last post you make for a pick.
22) Be very clear who your pick is. If your pick can't be distinguished between two or more teams (example OSU) then you get each of them for that week. Either one of them losses, you're out!
23) Be very clear with your pick. Follow the name format of ESPN Conference Standings! Bama doesn’t get it!

Week 1: Penn State
Week 2: Clemson
Week 3: South Carolina
Week 4: Indiana
Week 8: Oklahoma State (Total Points - 74)

Post your Week 1 picks in this thread

Thanks and Good Luck Cowboys.

Please note: I'm more crunched for time this year, especially on weekends! I'll do my best to update each week as quickly as I can but please be patient as results and the next weeks post may be during the week following games rather than on the weekend following games. If you have any questions during the week please ask them of @ksupoke


We don't need no, thot kuntrol
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Feb 16, 2011
dark sarcasm in the classroom
And one more thing, I kind of suck at this, so be patient.
@CoreyfreakinlovesOSU, I am trying to get you an answer on your entry, go ahead and make a pick just to be safe. Before anyone starts bitching, yes, I know the rules, that doesn't mean exceptions can't be made (don't know if it will or won't) especially given that an amateur, ie me, is trying to help this year.


You've got 5 seconds.. and 3 are up.
Sep 10, 2008
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No big deal if I'm out, just figured I'd see since I did get the pick in before the game. Thanks for looking out

1. Ohio State
2. Northern Illinois (50)