Sunday (Wednesday) Morning Coaches - .357 Magnum Edition

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Federal Marshal
Feb 6, 2007
To me, someone only writes that lengthy if they are writing an article of some sort. Not that it's not his words for me, but do you think he really writes articles on football for a living?
To me, he just writes so much that it becomes unreadable. So I'd rather put him on ignore and thus not have to scroll past it.

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I've never once thought that about his posts. Just seems like he types fast and has a lot to share. Definitely can become TL;DR at times, but scrolling is pretty easy if you don't want to read all of it.

I've tried on three different occasions (over the course of several months) to google one of his posts and came up with nothing each time.

So it seems like a d-bag move for someone to claim that he's copying/pasting from somewhere, and be so tenacious in propagating that claim, but have no actual evidence supporting the claim other than his posts are really long at times.

I'm just amazed that people can feel that strongly about something yet have zero proof to support the position.