Sunday Morning Coaches - Week 12 (Corndog Burns Couches Edition)

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Nov 8, 2004
Wishing I was in Stillwater
When I was coaching t-ball I had a really good team. We went into the last Saturday of play tied for first place. We had an early morning game and my team played the first two innings like they hadn't woken up yet, it was the worst we had played all year. We were behind with 2 innings left against the team that was in last place. I gathered my team together to give them a "talk" and told them that they had better wake up and start playing or else they were going to lose. They woke up. That half inning in the field they held the other team scoreless, which is almost unheard of in t-ball. Then the next half inning they only scored 2 runs. We score our limit of runs (6) in both half innings without making a single out and won the game after holding them to 2 runs in 2 innings. It was both the worst game and the best game my team had played all year. Which leads me to what happened last night.

Oklahoma State and West Virginia played two halves of football. The first half I don't even remember, though it wasn't really the worst half of football they've played all year (that was either the Texas Tech or Kansas State games). I've tossed it into a sea of forgetfulness (to use a biblical metaphor, since it's Sunday morning). The second half was the best half of football the Oklahoma State Cowboys have played this year, bar none. The second half was really only marred by a single error, an uncharacteristic muffed punt by one of the surest sets of hands on the team. But the real story, the real story of the game was the Corndog.

I'm not grading the first half. You can if you want, but for me it doesn't exist. It didn't happen. It was completely erased by the second half.

Offense: A
A 17 point deficit at halftime... 30/46 for 338 yard, 5 touchdowns, 2 interceptions, 106 yards rushing and a touchdown - an passing efficiency rating of 154.11 which is pretty salty. The much-maligned Taylor Cornelius left his heart on the turf of Boone Pickens Stadium on Senior Night. Even after he threw the dime on 4th and 12 last week with a minute left to put us within an extra point of tying or a 2-pt conversion of winning there were still people saying he couldn't make the big play. Tonight he did and more. This was a win he needed, this was a win he deserved, this was a win he earned, this was a win that I hope silences his critics. Time and again in the second half the coaches called the right plays, time and again in the second half players made the second effort and picked up the extra yard when we needed it. Time and again we picked up third and long. And even when we could have lost the momentum, when we had things happen that in previous games have been drive killers, a personal foul for a block below the waist, in the second half we found a way to overcome them.

Defense: A
I'm actually torn between A and B+ because of the PI in the end zone that gave a first and goal which ended in the touchdown, but right now I'm still giddy so I'm feeling charitable. We held them scoreless in the third period. The one field goal as a result of a muffed punt, and holding them to a field goal there was HUGE because that could have been a big momentum swing. Otherwise we held them to a single touchdown in the second half. The touchdown could have swung momentum because they had to convert on a fourth down, but the defense didn't let it. Most importantly, the defense has shown a tendency to collapse in the second half of games this year and instead the defense did just the opposite. Whatever adjustments the coaches made, they worked. Whatever the coaches said to the players, it worked. Whatever the players said to each other, it worked. Knowles has shown of glimpses of what our defense is going to be, what he is going to make it, and I think it's going to be good. In the second half we got a glimpse.

Special teams: B
It's good to see Ammendola hit a field goal and some extra points and I hope that whatever has been bothering him is over. The kickoffs out of bounds are insane. Hockett clearly doesn't have as big a leg as McClure, but if he can keep it in bounds then we are better off. Stoner is one of my favorite players on the team. He is absolutely fearless and will go up in a crowd to get a ball without any hesitation for the hit that is coming for him. He has one of the best set of hands on the team and he is usually a good decision maker on punt returns. The muffed punt is inexplicable. It could have swung momentum back to West Virginia. To their credit, the defense didn't let it, holding WVU to a field goal.

The second half result:

#9 WVU 10
OSU 31

That'll do, Corndog. That'll do.
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Nov 20, 2006
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The worst half/best half harkens back to days of yesteryear in the 2009 Colorado game. Alex Cate was horrible in the first half. Weeden to Blackmon was born in the second half. The halftime show was the famous Boone Pickens riding around on a horse at his then wife’s request to save the wild mustangs. Yesterday we retired Bullet, the third horse to wear that name as OSU Spiritrider’s steed. The last time we had a dog and pony show at halftime with an emphasis on the ponies, we had a helluva second half. We did it again yesterday. Maybe we should do it more often.


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Oct 13, 2004
Actually, we are three plays from being 9-2 right now. TC hit TW right on the hands with what would have been the winner against ISU.
That makes some assumptions, but I like the way you think! Great win yesterday!

I am in NYC and was unable to watch during the second half, but I followed on my phone when possible. Can’t really catrique as I missed so much, but love the results!


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Jun 24, 2005
They key to upsetting a top 10 team? Lose the turnover battle by 3 and give up 2 4th down conversions.

Wait, scratch that.

We played very clean ball, eliminating all but 1 stupid penalties. We used the TE and found the middle of the field, mid range passes, we've been hoping for. The coaches made adjustments and the players executed.

So crazy that we lost to 3 of the worst teams in the conference and beat 3 top 20 (at the time), and 2 top 10 teams in the same season. We singlehandedly have almost destroyed the Big 12's chances of a playoff team this year. And I love it.


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Feb 7, 2007
Tulsa, OK
Special Teams. 7 kickoffs out of bounds on the season...I think that pretty much says it all. There is a ray of light though.....if Gundy decides to devote some attention to special teams next season, I think Hubbard can be a legitimate threat to take every kick off to the house, he's almost a threat now. His first kickoff showed what potential he has, now hejust needs some repetition and coaching to get better about seeing and hitting the holes....I'm excited to watch him next year.

Defense. Well we knew going in that WVU was going to get a lot of yards and points, nobody should be surprised by that, the are a great offense. Even so, at times the pass coverage was freaking fantastic, by far the best it has been all year....again at times. I thought Knowles earned his paycheck this week at halftime and I loved to see him call the blitz on the last play of the game. Still work to do but now the team has 20 bowl practices to work on it and all off season to get better at Knowles' system. There were some pretty bad missed tackles but since when has that not been a problem, just have to hope it gets better.

Offense. Props to Corndog this game, in the 4th quarter he put the team on his shoulders and carried them to the win...made some poor throws that led to the Int's but overall he played very well and I was glad to see it come on senior day. Wallace is the next superstar at WR, that last TD where he carried #28 into the endzone was sweet particular because that guy (and #2) had been chippy all night long. If Hill goes pro this year, Hubbard will slide right into that spot.
Nov 14, 2010
I have come to the conclusion that I was wrong about Taylor Cornelius. He got us to a bowl in a transition year and he bridged the gap for our next runs at 10 wins in a season.

I also hope that I end up being wrong about Jim Knowles in that his aggressive style ends up being what we've needed throughout the years.

Yesterday was just simply fantastic. That was an absolutely huge win for this program


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Aug 11, 2011
I'm just still shocked that we held them to 1 yes ONE touchdown the entire 2nd half.

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Nov 14, 2010
I'm just still shocked that we held them to 1 yes ONE touchdown the entire 2nd half.

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The defense was exciting to watch.
We played fast and played with a lot of confidence.

Going back to the end of the 3rd quarter and the 4th quarter of the Baylor game, then last week against OU, then yesterday, this has been the best stretch of play calling in Yurcich's career.

He's dealing with some deficiencies and has had to create a more consistent higher percentage offense.

The Y Hots, the read option, power plays, QB run game, short passing game all have been set up better than they ever have and they have really played to our kids strengths.

We can score now without being reliant on chunk plays and/ completing deep balls.