Sunday Morning Coaches - Golden Tropical Depression edition

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Nov 1, 2009
This is true and this is not ideal...Ideally Sanders doesn't turn his ankle and we don't have to play him until next year...BUT, I have been a believer in his ability and natural gifts for a while now and I didn't think we would keep him off the field for more than a year or two tops...Just thought it would be next year and beyond that.

I actually think this will be a benefit to us that he and the other QB have had some playing time...especially since he's going to have too play and likely start next week. Hopefully Sanders heals up and gets back quickly. Ultimately at some point Shane, IMHO, is our future...It just worked out a bit early. Hope I'm right about his ability.
I think the best outcome from this scenario is Shane should lift SS game up a little - and/or other way around