Summer Thread #2: What does your screen name mean?

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Oct 21, 2013
Austin Texas
I joined Gopokes back in 2005. At that time Gopokes moderators were always banning me as I loved engaging with message board smack. I was getting everyone mad at me with threats and people claiming I was an OSU imposter. Some thought I was Jim Traber as I was away fighting on the message board. GoPokes became an obsession and they were always banning me. Ask Gumby and CC, the moderators on GoPokes are terrible. I was living in Mansfield, TX and my paperboy actually told me he knew Rhett Bomars Dad and that Rhett went to OU vs MLB due to Stoops promise he would start after White leaves. Well this went viral and then I was getting threats from all the OU fans. I had to seek refuge somewhere while I was underground hiding due to all the bans and threats. I joined Orangepower as mostly a silent member due to my internet message board obsession, but they already had a slowpoke on OP, so they would not let me use that name, plus I thought maybe I need to go incognito and use a girl name, so I chose PokeSaladAnnie. As others have indicated a love for OSU and Stillwater, I now live in Stillwater and go to all the home sports events. I also am hopelessly addicted to NFL and NBA, so I was a Dallas Cowboys and Mavericks season ticket holder when we were in Texas, but I now go to Chiefs games and plan to go to Thunder games.

I have recently posted more on OP during baseball season as the fans here seem to have more knowledge about OSU baseball and Basketball than the GoPokes fans as they tend to focus more on Football.

Many of the Gopokes posters are on OP now and I enjoy reading their post on OP since they aren’t on Gopokes much anymore.
I thought you were one of the moderators on the other board?

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Jul 9, 2011
I grew up in OKC, but since 2005, I have lived in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, and I am now currently packing and moving from KC to Stillwater. I have been in Hotels waiting for my house to be ready to move in the past two-months while working at my new job in Ponca City.

I wasn’t the original slowpoke, but I am the original 1slowpoke on GoPokes. On Orangepower there is a slopoke and a slowpoke. Message Board are sort of a passing trend and now people use Twitter to keep informed about OSU.

Seems that people disappear from message boards and you never know what happened due to anonymity.
Huh - did not realize there was a separate Orange Power Slopoke. I did not thing the world was big enough for two of them.
Jul 8, 2006

This is where I get my screen name from. The amount of boo hooing in this article is hilarious and proves what this state’s media is all about.

Adding to the mystery is that it’s not clear if it was Clarkson’s newspaper or Ptak’s.

Definitely the most fun bedlam moment from my time as a student in Stillwater. I wish I could have been there for it. I was at the previous night’s game in which Brae Wright carved up a potent OU lineup and shut them out, making them look like a JV lineup.
I thought Ptak was a Klingon cuss word on Star Trek..... :lol:
Jul 8, 2006
I live in a very rural area west of highway 81 in Oklahoma. I raise cows and crops for a living. My sooner wife has always called me the cowboy who roped her heart. All I ever wanted to be was a cowboy (farmer/rancher was a more appropriate description I learned when I got older but Western Oklahoma Cowboy comes across cooler than Western Oklahoma Farmer/Rancher)
Me and my brother own a couple ranches , 1 by Lexington and the other by Pink. Lot of work....
Jul 8, 2006
My excuse was I was half trashed one night and remembered a POISON concert my brother, a friend and myself attended and got in a huge brawl at the Zoo Ampitheater. Luckily the OKC cops let us off as we didn't start it.
It was a mess, but looking back it was funny.....:facepalm: