State Dept vetting employees for loyalty to Trump?

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Aug 31, 2007
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Mari Stull who once was a food and beverage lobbyist who ran a popular wine blog under the moniker The Vino Vixen was appointed by Assistant Secretary Of the Dept of State Kevin Moley to the position of Senior Adviser to the State Dept Bureau of International Organization Affairs in April 2018.

Foreign Policy journal is reporting that since she has become senior adviser she has been vetting all employees social media post and past dealings in their roles for their loyalty to Trump. They are reporting she has examined State Dept employees social media for any signs of difference with the Trump Admin policy and researching if any employees had ever signed off on an Obama Admin policy that is opposed by the Trump Admin. Foreign Policy is also reporting she is keeping a lists of employees who's loyalty to Trump she questions.

FP is reporting that 3 senior officials at the Bureau of International Organization Affairs, Molly Phee, Erin Barclay, and Nerissa Cook will be leaving the agency or moving to different positions as the result of Sull's vetting efforts

When she was appointed in April she Tweeted out that "The Global swamp will be drained" but her Twitter acct has been set to private since


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I’d rather them be loyal to the US and not just a single person.
Sure except these people leak non stop and would likely out of spite try and sabotage peace talks. It crap that this is what has to happen but if we want the state department to actually do their job this loyalty test might help but I doubt it.