Sea of Thieves

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Jul 22, 2011

I wish I could say this game met my expectations. It's a lot of fun to play with a full crew of friends and it is beautifully made, but ultimately it just doesn't have any staying power.

3 things would fix this game:

1 - AI ships. Merchant vessels that you could board and rob for treasure. At the moment, there just aren't enough players per server to sustain the action.

2 - Some sort of PVP. Put a beacon on everyone's map that says something like "Valuable treasure here! X marks the spot!" Every player in the vicinity heads there and you battle it out to the last ship standing. Winner take all.

3 - Progression. All of the current "upgrades" are cosmetic. Total BS. If I'm gonna spend 50,000 coins on a sniper rifle, it sure as hell needs to shoot better than the one I start with.

Unless Rare starts making with the content, this game will get pretty quickly deleted. Thankfully I wasn't one of the suckers who pre-ordered this thing for $60. The $10 game pass was worth it.