Ranking the qbs(big 12)

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Nov 20, 2006
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Agreed. My uneducated guess would be:

1. Texas Tech
2. Oklahoma
T3. Iowa State/Texas
5. Oklahoma State
7. Kansas State
8. WVU

Our QB could fall behind Brewer at Baylor, but I’m just not convinced he’s as good as the press believe he is. Bowman is my pick for top QB, but he may not stay healthy and new coaching staff may not hit the ground running. But I think he’s the most talented QB in the field. Hurts running Riley’s offense could be scary good, but we’ll see how he transitions. I think Ellinger and Purdy are comparable, but Ellinger will have more weapons around him.
I’m still not convinced that Erhlinger is that special. I’d put him at the middle of the pack.