Ranking Big 12 qbs

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Sep 9, 2013
With ProFootballFocus' marvelous scouting at our fingertips, EerSports is taking a look at the top returning players for West Virginia in 2018. But.... what do these ratings mean on their own? A good bit, but what gives them some perspective is where it ranks with the other teams in the Big12 Conference. With that in mind, we're going to take a look at where West Virginia ranks in relation to the Big12 at every position on the field - at least as far as ProFootballFocus is concerned. Then, we'll give some context to those rankings and share some thoughts below. Today, we'll take a look at the quarterback position.

PFF Ratings

1. Will Grier, West Virginia - 91.7 rating
2. Dru Brown, Oklahoma State - 79.8
3. Kyle Kempt, Iowa State - 79.6
4. Charlie Brewer, Baylor - 79.3
5. Sam Ehlinger, Texas - 77.9
6. Kyler Murray, Oklahoma - 70.2
7. Skyler Thompson, Kansas State - 68.2
8. Peyton Bender, Kansas - 55.1
9. Shawn Robinson, TCU - 52.1
10. McLane Carter, Texas Tech - 45.9


Sep 20, 2017
I’m sorry. But Grier just isn’t all that IMO. I mean, he looked horrible against us and our secondary, to put it politely, was just terrible.
Aug 22, 2006
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He threw about 5 ints in our game last year right? Looking at this chart there are a whole lot of new QBs in the big 12 this year. I'd be willing to bet any amount of money that the order in this list will in no way look like the big 12 conference's final rankings
Sep 9, 2013
grier is projected by mel kipper to be 2nd qb taken in draft behind mizzou's drew locke.
lol. grier played really bad against oklahoma state but a qb isnt judged by 1 bad game.
Tom brady has had bad games. he's projected 1st round draft pick. shrug.

pro focus had him 2nd highest rated qb in country behind baker mayfield last year and that is nfl scounts who grade every player on every snap of every game. he was ranked ahead of your qb btw, who had a bad games against texas and kstate.

DH has also said he is best qb he's ever coached and he had a few nfl guys from houston texas tech and oklahoma state play for him.
Nov 6, 2010
No need to be a dick, I think given the available data Grier is clearly number 1. Kyler Murray probably too low, surprised to see Dru Brown so high, given he might not even win the job at OSU. Also Shawn Robinson looked like the second coming of Vince Young the one game I saw him play in. I think he will put up some pretty good numbers at TCU in the fall.
Oct 7, 2015
St. Elmo, CO
This whole list looks very sketchy.
I agree that Grier is way overrated based on winning results in conference.
Brown?! WTF?! Why is Corndog not even mentioned above this Rainbow Warrior - CT has at least played in a few games. Mop up duty, but he did move the team.
If Ehlinger can control his brainfartitis, he will be over his Sophomore hyjinx and ready for Herman's vastly improved UT Longhorn team.
OU will simply reload like they always do and be at the top of the conference stats at QB.

The truth is, this list looks weak, but it won't be 4 weeks into the season.
I think this will be the year of the quarterback in the BIg 12.
But, I don't see Grier winning the BIg 12 with his play.
Oct 30, 2007
I agree with Grier at #1. He's going to be really good next season. What this list really tells you is that the Big 12 is wide open next year. I can't wait. :thumbup:


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Jun 24, 2005
Judging Grier based on their play against us is like UT saying Rudolph is no good because we only scored 13 against them. He deserves first until proven otherwise.
Sep 9, 2013
WVU wont win big 12-although they are 11th ranked in espn preseason poll bc defense is sketchy.
Offense though should be really really good. 4 returning offensive lineman, kippers number 6 ranked wr, plus some key transfers from ohio state and bama and tenn become eligible.

WVU is becoming like kstate in that a lot players are jucos and transfers. 4-5 star transfers. some for more playing time, others bc they want to play in spavital's offense.

defense is a huge concern. OOC schedule is rough with @ Tenn and @ nc state and 1aa power youngstown state(home).
Dec 21, 2008
It was bad weather when we played at WV. Mason has tough games in rain and wind. I will never bet against Lincoln’s offensive system. Esp with an elite athlete/dual threat. Their OL is massive and gives the QB/RB tons of time.
1) I would put OU first
2) I think Dru wins the job. He’s not a juco guy, he has played many D1 games and would not move this far unless he had >50% chance of starting. He could go somewhere smaller just to start. The interview from a former teammate made me all-in. TC has been here forever & has still not been given the “we’re all in on him” comments so I don’t think he’s it.
3) WV projected top 2 Rder.
4) TCU has an athlete and a pretty potent system
5) Iowa State: love the momentum Coach a Campbell has brought in. Makes the conf stronger and he is a stud coach
6) Baylor: elite WRs and love spreading it out. Can afford some mistakes when you can score quickly
7) KState: never know what tricks BS has up his sleeve but it’ll be a blue collar old school smash mouth guy
8) Texas: I watched the spring game. Defense and WR have athletes but they did not look like a team. Trouble with getting 5* guys if they want to be 3yrs then NfL. The struggle with teamwork/chemistry/leadership. Their OL was BADDDDD!!!! Defense is def top 2 in conference which gives them a chance
9) TTech: think pretty boy may be on his way out but he does have a potent system which gives him a chance with his back up against the wall
10) KWho?: supposed stud from Louisiana? But what else does he have?


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Feb 5, 2008
Oklahoma City
I've heard some really good things about Dru Brown. Our fans just do a bad job of evaluating people at times lol. I will say it'll be an interesting qb battle between Sanders, Brown, and Cornelius


Sep 20, 2017
Judging Grier based on their play against us is like UT saying Rudolph is no good because we only scored 13 against them. He deserves first until proven otherwise.
That’s not even close to a good comparison. Texas had a very strong defense. And we won on the road. Not even close to a legit comparison
Apr 19, 2011
I would put Kyler Murray in the top 2 or 3. Lincoln Riley is possibly the best offensive mind in college football and will put Kyler in a position to make all the throws he needs to make plus pick up a bunch of yards rushing.