Recruiting Q&A with OSU commit Dan Moore Jr.

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Apr 5, 2012
Saturday afternoon Oklahoma State received its 16th commitment of the 2017 class from Beaumont, TX Offensive lineman Dan Moore Jr. Moore is a big guard prospect that does not mind getting "nasty" in the trenches. We caught up with him earlier for this interview.


I know you were just on a visit to Stillwater can you tell me about it?

"It was great, academics is a big thing for me. Once I found out how good their engineering program was, and how much help is accessible to their players, it instantly made them attractive. I also loved their facilities, some of the best in the country. And the coaches are phenomenal!"

What kind of engineering are you wanting to major in?

"I want to major in Architectural Engineering."

What made you decide to go ahead and commit so quickly after the visit?

"They had one spot left, coach asked if I wanted it, it was mine! I had already developed a relationship with coach Adkins before he offered me so I had Oklahoma State at the top of my list. And after seeing and hearing what I did at the visit just made me want to jump on board!"

Can you describe your relationship with Coach Adkins?

"It's great, he came up in Spring and loved my film and wanted to see me move in person. He ended up offering me after a mega camp 2weeks ago. He texts everyday, even if it's just to check on me. He also had talked with my parents on the phone and in person and they both like him as well."

Can you tell me what kind of player Oklahoma State is getting in Dan Moore?

"They're going to get a physical, hard nose offensive lineman who is not afraid to get nasty in the run game. But also a very smart one!"

Since you did commit today I wanted to ask you if you have now closed the door on the recruitment process?

"I will still continue to keep my options open but it would be extremely hard for me to decommit. Because in order for me to do that they would have to top what I saw and heard at Oklahoma State and that will be very hard!"

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