President Xi Jinping says China to reduce tariffs, enhance imports

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Mar 15, 2007
From Global Times, a Chinese paper:
President Xi says China will:
-significantly broaden market access
-create more attractive investment environment
-strengthen protection of intellectual property rights
-significantly lower the import tariffs for vehicles and reduce import tariffs for some other products

Hopefully they put this into action and we can avoid some of the increased tariff stupidity. If so, it's a win for Trump.


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Sep 9, 2005
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I never doubted that China would flinch first and this won't be the only flinch. We needed a leader with the balls to undo all the weak trade policies we've had for years. Whatever you think of Trump personally, he is a business genius and he is repositioning the US across the world with regard to our trade policies. The fact that he is willing to wade into some level of national pain with the tariffs to get the end result he is seeking is why China blinked first and why they and every other nation where we have stupid trade relationships will do the same. They have far more to lose in this game of chicken.

What a concept, instead of increasingly taxing a segment of our citizens to death (those who actually pay taxes), negotiate better deals and bring trillions back to the US that past administrations have given away with stupid trade policies. While the Deep State works frantically to try every conceivable sleazy trick to get him out of office and the Lamestream Media ignores his accomplishments, he is not so quietly becoming one of the most accomplished presidents in history. The fact that so many don't recognize it doesn't make it any less true. It just makes it all the more amazing what he's been able to do with such fanatically entrenched opposition and so many clueless lemmings working against him.



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Oct 16, 2003
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It's all about action, when will China do these things...they have been promising to do them for several years. Additionally, the dispute is more about intellectual property:

Jacob Parker, vice president of China operations at the U.S.-China Business Council, said it “falls short of offering paradigm-shifting announcements on ending joint-venture and licensing requirements that give China leverage to force technology transfer for market access.”

Liu He, a vice premier overseeing economics and finance, told a group of officials Thursday that Beijing had rejected a U.S. request to stop subsidizing industries related to its “Made in China 2025” initiative, the person said. The U.S. has accused China of using the policy to force companies into transferring technology in areas like robotics, aerospace and artificial intelligence.
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