PFB - Tracy Moore Q&A (Part 2): On CJ Moore’s College-Readiness, Early Days at OSU, and Favorite Gundy Memory

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Feb 17, 2018
In case you missed Part 1 of our Q&A with former Oklahoma State receiver Tracy Moore, you can check that out here. We talked about his wilder-than-expected recruiting process that nearly led to him signing with Auburn, his professional pursuit post-grad, and what he’s up to in Tulsa these days training young athletes.

Shameless plug if you found yourself intrigued by his training business: You can contact him at 918-894-0939. You can also find him on Twitter and Instagram @MooreCatches, or on snapchat at Tmoe87.

Part 2 today. Let’s get it.

Kyle: What do you remember about your first days at Oklahoma State?

Tracy: I’m not going to lie, I was lazy. In high school, I didn’t work out until like a week before I had to be at Oklahoma State. So the squats and stuff were just killing me, then we’d go out there and run one-on-ones and I’d just look awful, you know, because I was so sore. Everyone always ragged on me, saying, ‘Oh he’s going to be a D-end by the end of the week,’ so it was tough.

Kyle: You left OSU with more than 2,000 yards receiving and 18 touchdowns, and obviously ended up being plenty productive as a Cowboy. What turned things around for you?

Tracy: Well I came in to Oklahoma State at 250 pounds, so I mean I was a big receiver. And I wasn’t doing much, so I didn’t look like a very good 250 pounds. But when Holgerson came in, I slimmed down and, honestly, he gave me a new life there. I had guys like Dez and Blackmon to mentor me all those years.

Kyle: How weird is it to reflect back on those times, and even the time when you were nearly headed to Auburn before flipping your commitment to OSU on signing day? Seems like your life could have been totally different had that day produced a different outcome.

Tracy: It’s weird, man. But then again, I’d have a national championship with Cam Newton.

Kyle: And maybe a big wad of cash like Cam, too.

Tracy: *laughs*

Kyle: So what is it about CJ Moore that sticks out to you? I watched most of his games at Union, and he’s a total freak show. But what is it about him that makes him an elite prospect?

Tracy: I think, for me, it’s his body control. I think a lot of it is about him coming up, playing basketball since we were in diapers, he’s always had a ball in his hands. He just knows — I mean, it helps being nearly 6-foot-8 — but he knows how to go up and grab it. He’s a 4.4 guy already, and then he can jump on top of that and control his body. I tell people all the time, and I don’t say this very lightly, he’s probably the most college-ready receiver I’ve seen coming out of high school. And he’s coachable, too. If you tell him to do something, he’ll do it exactly as you say or ask how to do it.

Kyle: It seems like the only thing missing from his game is some extra meat on his bones.

Tracy: He texts me all the time, asking what to eat. I always tell him the same thing, I say Listen, don’t worry about anything, Coach Glass has got you. *laughs* I tell him Coach Glass is going to have you on some whole new level training. My biggest thing with him is that with his size right now, I think he could have a hard time getting off the line in college. It’s a different animal, those guys are going to be more physical than high school. Those guys are benching 250, and he only weigh, what, 150? But once he gets rolling, he can do anything.

Kyle: Final question — what’s your favorite Mike Gundy memory?

Tracy: The first time he cranked the dance out, man. That was a crazy night in general. The night we beat Texas A&M, it was just after Coach Spencer’s wife died, man. It was emotional. In the first half, I think we were down by like 20, and then we came all the way back and won it in the end. That’s when the locker room, the environment, it was nuts.

Coach Gundy is a great players’ coach. He’s very business-like, but when it’s time to cut loose, I mean, he had his shirt off, he was having a good time. When it’s not about business, he’s a good time, you know, when the cameras are off. That first time he cranked the Teach Me How to Gundy, that was great.

After that night, the dance became a thing. I don’t think it would’ve if it didn’t get blown up publicly, but after it did, we wanted him to do it after every win. I think we even got Boone Pickens dancing one game after a win.

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