PFB - Top 10 Comments of the Week: Crootin’ Excitement, Kentrevious Jones is Massive, and Chuba Hubbard

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Feb 17, 2018
It’s Thursday, which means another edition of the Top 10 Comments of the Week. This one is pretty basketball heavy because Boynton started the week on fire by reeling in some fish. Kudos to everyone who made the cut this week. Enjoy and remember, it’s almost Friday.

No. 1 – Koolaid Waterfall

Blake: Now give me Ramey, Ed Chang and the Samford kid and my orange Koolaid levels will be dangerously high. (15 Upvotes)

I will rip off my shirt and lie on the floor of my classroom if this happens. Please don’t hold me to that, but can you imagine signing all of them?! Bring me barrels of Koolaid.

No. 2 – Million Dollar Idea

Tampa Pete: so how about this…tailgate in Stilly before road games, then beer/wine sales in BPS to watch? LOVE IT (12 Upvotes)

This is exciting to think about and would be so much fun. I’m imagining inflatable bounce houses on the field and everything: fun for the whole family. MajorPayneCounty suggested doing tours of the facilities too. I’m here for all it.

No. 3 – Time is Telling

Taylor: I guess the question of Boynton’s recruiting skills are getting answered. The future’s orange is getting brighter and brighter…(11 Upvotes)

This upcoming year is going to be so interesting with all the roster changes. Taylor is right the future is getting brighter!

No. 4 – Momentum is Rolling

StillOriginal: I find myself more excited about the future of okstate basketball at the end of this season than I did even before underwood left at the end of last season.(11 Upvotes)

I feel the same way. Underwood had so much momentum after his first year and it’s unfortunate that Mike Boynton had to start all over again while trying to sell himself to an angry fan base. He’s done a great job and has all of the momentum back. Let’s keep it rolling and #LetsWork

No.5 – Now That’s Punny

Kenny Bir: HUGE get…. literally and figuratively speaking!(8 Upvotes)

He’s referring to 6-foot-10 Kentrevious Jones. I’m always a fan of puns. A+ Kenny.

No. 6 – Excitement Over the Recent Commitments

Winning Comment: Here we go!!!

How do you still have the pistol emoji?? I thought they turned them all to water guns. Share your secrets WinningComment.

No. 7 – Kentrevious Jones is a BIG Man

Gopokes82: WAIT??? a non-skinny big man??? is this a dream?(7 Upvotes)

Ha-ha I relate to this sentiment big time. I hope his game is similar to Baylor’s former big man Rico Gathers. Gathers is now a tight end for the Dallas Cowboys oddly enough.

No. 8 – Boynton Tearing it up

Winning Comment: YES SIR!!! Having a great couple of days on the recruiting circuit…. (7 Upvotes)

That was a helluva way to start a Monday. Can’t wait for the season to roll around!

No. 9 – Perrish Cox & Chuba Hubbard

John P Stover: He should be used to return kicks. I remember being in the student section for I believe it was perrish cox and his first touch was a kickoff TD. (7 Upvotes)

The mention of Perrish Cox brought back all of the memories. He was electrifying. He only had fou kick returns for touchdowns and two punt returns, but I thought every ball he caught was going to get taken to the house. The quality of the video is awful, but fast forward to 6:48 to get a quick taste of nostalgia.

No. 10 – Chuba Hubbard: The Unicorn

kspokesfan: He is the main attraction for me to watch at the spring game. I will be there!! (7 Upvotes)

How long before we start calling him Choo Choo Chuba? Is it too soon or is that just an awful nickname? I can’t wait to see what this kid can do.

Underrated/My Favorites

Steve Mehl: Ford having such short players bothered me so much that I emailed Mike Holder about that and he replied that they would love to sign tall players but so would all the other schools. So it seemed that OSU signed who they could get, not necessarily who they really wanted.

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