PFB - The Mindset Behind Oklahoma State-Bound Kalib Boone, Shot-Blocking Extraordinaire

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Feb 17, 2018
Oklahoma State commit Kalib Boone is the best shot-blocker in the state of Oklahoma. Averaging 4.1 stuffs per game as a junior last season, he set a new program record at Tulsa Memorial. On the AAU circuit this spring, he’s carved out a reputation for himself based off that unique skillset matched up against some of the country’s top talents.

Boone could create an eclipse to temporarily block out the sun if he wanted to. With a 6-foot-11 wingspan — which, in my estimation, is a very conservative guesstimate — and reason to believe he’s not yet finished growing, the only thing he seemingly can’t block off is the attention from college coaches after watching him play.

So what’s the secret to his swatting success that has recently earned him a four-star ranking in the latest wave of recruiting updates from 247Sports?

Boone credits his attitude, which he likens to a dog protective of its space, for his astronomical rise from anonymity to high acclaim within a matter of less than a year.

“For me, blocking a shot is like marking my territory,” Boone told Pistols Firing. “If you come into the paint, that’s my territory, [kind of] like a dog if you’re a stranger, then it’s going to bite. If you come into the paint, I’m going to go crazy.”

Boone is the cornerstone piece to OSU’s 2019 recruiting class that ranks No. 11 nationally and features in it his twin brother, Keylan, a three-star small forward. Lucky for OSU that’s a foundation worth building around. And even more fortunate: The Boone twins could have been a party of one in an alternate world if not for Keylan coaxing his brother to give hoops a try.

“Growing up, I never had an interest in basketball,” said Kalib. “I saw Keylan do it, and I was like He gets to get out of school to do it every night, and every Tuesday and Thursday we’d go watch him play. So I finally was like, ‘I’m going to do it.’ I wasn’t good at scoring, but I knew how to block shots.”

Kalib averaged more than 17 points and 13 rebounds per game for the Chargers in leading them to a second consecutive Class 5A title this past season. After the season, it was evident that both were headed towards a wave of attention in recruiting circles. But the two committed to Oklahoma State, fittingly, on the same day: April 16, 2018.

Schools have shown interest in the days that have followed, but the two are locked in with Oklahoma State. Like a Kalib Boone block, interest from the likes of North Carolina and others have been turned away as they focus on their production with Oklahoma Run PWP and for their upcoming senior season.

That’s business as usual for Kalib, whose made a habit — and could one day make a living — based off his ability to block out just about everything.

“My mindset is just to go get it,” says Kalib.

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