PFB - Social Media Reaction to OSU’s Tough Loss to Oklahoma

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Feb 17, 2018
Oklahoma State started ugly, then things progressively got worse, as OSU fell to OU 41-13 in Norman on Saturday.

As you could imagine, my Cowboy-centric Twitter feed followed suit. Here’s some of the best (and worst) from my timeline on Saturday.

My squinky alarm was blaring when it was announced that OSU’s starting kicker went down in pre-game warmups.

Here was the pregame sequence where starting #okstate kicker Alex Hale was injured. Hope he's OK.

— Pistols Firing (@pistolsguys) November 22, 2020

So, like I said, it got ugly fast.

Welp. Any other games on now ?

— Tatum Bell (@tspeedtx) November 22, 2020

Can confirm.

I think I have a lot more fun covering Bedlam wrestling than our guys have covering Bedlam football

— Seth Duckworth (@Seth_Duckworth) November 22, 2020

Bro what’s goin in

— Chris Lacy II (@Gifted_CLacy) November 22, 2020

Savvy move by Gundy here going down by 2 TDs early and taking this out of the equation

— Dave Hudson (@okc_dave) November 22, 2020

This was not an interception:

.@Big12Refs why do you hate us?

— Yves Batoba (@YBatoba) November 22, 2020

There were some rough patches on the way to a 13-point showing.

3rd and 7 stretch play is Mike Gundy’s #Bedlam record in human form.

— Carson Cunningham (@KOCOCarson) November 22, 2020

Chris Fowler repeatedly called RB3 Dezmon Jackson DeSean Jackson, and no one corrected him. Not Herbie, no one from the truck. Somehow he carried the ball three times and Fowler made the mistake at least six.

Chris Fowler just called Dezmon Jackson, DeSean Jackson.

— Kyle Cox (@KyleCoxPFB) November 22, 2020

— Kyle Cox (@KyleCoxPFB) November 22, 2020

Bedlam can’t hurt me.

Oklahoma State with a BIG Bedlam win! Tons of momentum with this program right now.

ⓘ These claims are disputed.

— Kyle Boone (@Kyle__Boone) November 22, 2020

And I thought the 4th and 4 call was the dagger. Ouch

— Matt Amilian (@mattamilian) November 22, 2020

Bedlam can’t hurt me. I’ve been thru 11 years of 2020.

— Southwell (@JustinSouthwell) November 22, 2020

At least we can enjoy a couple Bedlam trash talk tweets.

You missed your target. Reload and aim north … #okstate | #golfschool

— OSU Cowboy Golf (@OSUCowboyGolf) November 22, 2020

Seems like a dumb thing to do when you're up 21 points.

— Kyle Boone (@Kyle__Boone) November 22, 2020

OSU punted from the OU 39, down 21, with 12 minutes to go.

Great punt Gundy! Lose by 14.

— Mark Rodgers (@markrsports) November 22, 2020

When Gundy opted to punt down 21 points in enemy territory

— Pistols Firing (@pistolsguys) November 22, 2020

Unfortunately, Rhamondre Stevenson took the first handoff 30 yards.

Pinning the opponent at the 1 at least helps a little.

— Lee Benson (@LeeBensonNews9) November 22, 2020

My timeline was getting pretty dark early, but then it switched to dark mode.

This is my classroom. I hope we never go back to school again. I can’t handle those harsh words from middle schoolers after that.

— Dekota Gregory (@dekotagregory) November 22, 2020


— AJ Green III (@AjGofor6) November 22, 2020

Look on the bright side…
The bright side:

— Southwell (@JustinSouthwell) November 22, 2020

reading OSU commit Collin Oliver’s tweet.

I’m praying @TShettron doesn’t bully me at school Monday

— Collin Oliver (@cloliver25) November 22, 2020

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