PFB - Recruiting Mailbag: In-State Targets on the Board and the Dream Hoops Class in 2020

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Feb 17, 2018
I’ve been really pleased with the feedback we’ve gotten with the last few recruiting mailbags, so let’s hit it again, shall we?

As always, I received a lot of really great reader questions this week. Feel free to chime in on Twitter next time if you want your question addressed.

All right, let’s get to it.

Luke Stevenson: How can Gundy & Co. more effectively recruit in-state talent? How effective have they been in the past compared to 2019 and 2020 class so far?

Luke coming out guns firing with one that requires some research!

Based off what I found in the 247Sports database, the highest-rated recruit to ever commit to Oklahoma State out of Oklahoma was …. (can you guess?!) … TRAMONDA MOORE!

The second-highest? CJ MOORE!

Under Gundy, in-state recruiting has mostly gone as other recruiting has gone — Derek Burton, Nathan Peterson, Grayson Boomer, Gyasi Akem and Devon Thomas are all notable in-staters who had an impressive pedigree and chose to commit to the Pokes under Gundy’s watch. Kind of a mixed bag overall, but there has been plenty of production borne out of the state.

I don’t think there’s any three-step process to improving in-state relations and recruiting the state. Demariyon Houston to Texas was a backbreaker that wasn’t an expected outcome until a week or two in the lead-up to his decision, but losing to UT on the recruiting trail happens. It’s expected. And so long as OSU is in the mix for players of that caliber, it will always be an uphill battle to bring them in — even if they are in OSU’s own backyard.

Clay Cooper: Chances with Ford and Clay? How many wr are looking to take 1,2? Any other DT targets since we lost out on Enoch or are sticking with 2?

Based off what I have heard, I get the sense that Trace Ford and Collin Clay are headed elsewhere barring a change — not because OSU isn’t in the mix, but because OSU simply is at full capacity.

After Enoch Jackson knocked OSU out of his top schools, I was told it was a mutual decision because, as things stand now at DT and DE, scholly’s aren’t available up front. Joe Bob and Greg Richmond got their work for 2019 done early, it appears.

As for wide receiver … I would say one, maybe two. A lot of the long-time targets OSU was in on like Demariyon Houston, Kennedy Lewis and others wound up going elsewhere. So it will be interesting to see how OSU handles the fallout and if they choose to work their way down the board or focus their sights on landing big fish in 2020.

Jon Jester: Do you think that osu is recruiting at a higher level now than we were 3 years ago? Do you think we’ll be recruiting at a higher level than we currently are 3 years from now?

The numbers say recruiting has basically stayed the same over the last few years. Here’s how the Pokes have finished in the national rankings since 2015.

  • 2015: 40
  • 2016: 45
  • 2017: 38
  • 2018: 33
  • 2019: 35

If anything, I would argue that recruiting overall has worsened slightly over the last three years. The numbers don’t totally back that up, but overall I think they settle more often than they should.

Projecting three years from now (not to sound like a drag), I’d be surprised to see it improve markedly. For the most part, OSU has shown it is content with finishing in the mid 30’s annually. Unless Gundy gets a kicker in his contract that he gets a bonus for finishing in the top 20 or 25, I doubt it changes.

Seth Dow: Who, besides Dax, is a big get OSU fans could hope to see us get? Do you see us landing McGill or Powell?

I think right now it’s Dax or bust. Wide receiver Peyton Powell out of Odessa is an interesting name (which proves you are absolutely a crooting diehard), but I doubt he gives OSU a serious look. I would say the same for Jonathan McGill, the safety out of Coppell. Talented kid, but don’t think OSU is all that involved.

Dax is the biggest name OSU is in the mix for right, and there is absolutely still a shot he picks the Pokes.

Dom: With all of the class of 2020 blue chips targets boynton has been targeting, if you had to take a wild guess how many/which ones do you realistically think we can have commit to be a pole?

*Pushes all Boynton chips to the middle of the table*


All of ’em.

OK, maybe not all of them. But I think OSU is a real player for Bryce Thompson. In fact, I’d say OSU is probably the favorite there right now. As for the others, it’s still early, but Davion Bradford, Rondel Walker and Isaiah Todd are all huge names OSU is squarely in the mix with right now.

Chad Duncan/A.C. Cross: What are the chances for any of the other big name OK kids to pick OSU? Also, what does the staff need to do to hit on some of the big name local kids like Houston especially when they aren’t competing directly with OU? Is Gundy really not pushing the big names?

Same question as Dow above, but I’ll say again I think the only in-stater OSU has a shot at is Dax. I don’t think effort is a problem with landing some of the big names — the problem is those big names want to play for big programs more often than not.

Steven Mandeville: Would having Dax Hill or a four star qb, rb and wr make osu a better team?

GREAT question. There is no wrong answer. For positive PR, my answer should probably be Dax. But if I’m best honest, I’d argue that a four-star QB probably would have the biggest impact — if only because quarterback is the most important, impactful position in football.

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