PFB - Reader Thoughts: Where’s the Fire From OSU, Gundy?

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Feb 17, 2018
The emails keep pouring in! Here’s another one from Chris M. following Bedlam 2019.

You know what’s crazy? I barely cared after Bedlam. I got frustrated a couple of times during the game, mostly because they ran the same play over and over again and OSU did nothing to counter it.

I wasn’t excited about the game during the day, wasn’t fired up. I don’t know, the crowd seemed detached and quiet. A stadium of people like the one in front of me that told me to relax, just trying to have a nice quiet evening. I’m sorry, but if you aren’t there (as a fan) to show up and lose your voice, why bother showing up?

I know OU will say that this isn’t a rivalry, but doesn’t it seem like their players are just more fired up about this game? It always feels like OU is playing like the team that has lost 80+ times. Like they legit hate OSU and want to win by 1,000. We play like it’s just a typical Tuesday afternoon.

Did you catch Ed Orgeron after the Bama game? Dude legit hates Bama. How about how angry Saban was after the loss? Nick Saban, a guy who has lost like 14 games this decade looked like he was about to have a heart attack after losing to his rival with a backup QB.

I had an e-mail typed out about what I wish Gundy would do, how I would coach this game, I deleted it, because what’s the point? I would have gone for every fourth down under 4 yards, I wouldn’t kick a single FG within the red zone, unless it was to win. I’d blitz and blitz and blitz until my defensive players’ legs fell off. I’d onside kick, fake punt, trick plays. I guess my biggest problem is there doesn’t seem to be an “eff It” attitude anymore.

I want to see a team roll out there like it’s a heavyweight fight and come out throwing haymakers. Either ima knock you out or you gonna knock me out, but I’m going down swinging. I know we’ve had some battles and Gundy, for the most part, has been aggressive in this game. I’m talking about as a program. You ever notice that when OU needs to make a play, they do, and OSU always falls short?

That’s a program mindset. I’m only saying this, because OSU had nothing to lose, no difference in 9-3 and 8-4, maybe a better bowl game, but if you aren’t in the playoff or NY6, who cares? Nobody would have questioned Gundy coaching like a madman without his QB and WR.

I’m not suggesting the firing of Gundy, and I acknowledge that OSU is arguably the second or third best program, right now, in the Big 12, (all depends on if Ruhle bounces at some point). Also can we please get rid of the Cowboy Back and go back to 4 WR sets? I prefer to create space and run out of those formations.

I think all of that is pretty fair and something I’ve said over the years about Gundy, too. Pregame speeches don’t win championships, but the way you think about yourself and the teams you face does win championships, and pregame speeches are a window into the way you think about yourself and the teams you face.

Gundy is never going to go full “Boomer, what? F you” like Coach O did, but I know of a couple hundred-thousand people who wouldn’t mind seeing him coach Bedlam with that attitude instead.

I think that’s what grinds most people — I’m not normally among them, but I understand the concept — they just want to see Gundy look like he cares as much as he says he does. Maybe that’s unfair to him (it probably is), but at some point perception is reality, and it’s something I’ve heard over and over again in the last 10-15 years.

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