PFB - Ranking 11 Bedlam Stars Who Could be NFL Pros in the Near Future

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Feb 17, 2018
When OSU and OU take the field on Saturday for Bedlam, there will be pro talent littered across both sidelines. That’s par for the course for a series that, over the years, has seen the likes of Sam Bradford, Samaje Perine, Joe Mixon, Dez Bryant, Zac Robinson, Joe Randle, Brandon Weeden and others star in the heated rivalry.

There’s bound to be more.

So who are the prospective pros to keep an eye on as the two go head-to-head Saturday?

1. Kyler Murray | OU | QB

Kyler Murray may well be the best, and maybe most polarizing, NFL draft prospect on the field for this reason: He was drafted by the Oakland A’s and, by all indications, is set on playing professional baseball next year.

However, his stunning efficiency leading arguably the most effective offense in college football history is hard to ignore. If he opts to explore the NFL, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him earn a first-round grade. His mobility, ability to pass on the run, and big arm will have scouts drooling over him.

2. Justice Hill | OSU | RB

I’ve seen NFL analysts give Justice Hill a first-round grade, while others peg him as a second- or third-rounder. No matter where he lands, I have a hard time thinking he won’t be a productive NFL player. He’s got quickness that puts his younger brother, who runs a 4.3 40, in the dust, and he’s got charmin soft hands to make him a one-day viable PPR play in your favorite fantasy league.

3. Marquise Brown | OU | WR

Marquise “Hollywood” Brown’s combination of speed, quick twitch and pass-catching efficiency could earn him a first-round draft selection. I’m dubious about that, given his 5-10 frame, but Tyreek Hill’s electric playmaking ability show there’s a blueprint for him to be a star in the league.

4. Cody Ford | OU | OL

A redshirt junior, Cody Ford is the star of OU’s vaunted offensive line unit. At 6-4, 338, he’s on pace to become an All-Big 12 performer and could be an early round selection.

5. Jordan Brailford | OSU | DE

Finally healthy and thriving on OSU’s defense in the new 4-2-5, Jordan Brailford is a sack monster. The NFL has a place for his skillset. The fact that he can play as a down lineman or as a stand-up rusher/linebacker indicates his versatility will get him twice the looks.

6. Ben Powers | OU | OL

Like Cody Ford, Ben Powers may be on his way to earning an All-Big 12 selection by seasons end. The senior from Wichita, standing at 6-4, 313-pounds, will surely get NFL looks. He’s nasty in the trenches.

7. Tylan Wallace | OSU | WR

Yes, Tylan Wallace is a true sophomore, but I have a hard time thinking he’s not among the most talented on either team. His contested catch radius is as big as his talent, and his lightning quick speed will earn him an NFL shot when he travels that path.

8. Dru Samia | OU | OL

How insane/telling is it that three on this list are OU offensive linemen? Samia may be considered the most potent of the trio with his stout 6-5, 303-pound frame, too. He’s a four-year starter for the Sooners.

9. Darrion Daniels | OSU | DT

Given his season-ending hand injury, Daniels’ NFL future may be put on hold for another year. But the difference in OSU’s run defense with him on the field versus off is stark enough to prove his worth to this Cowboy defense. He’s a 6-3, 300-pound run-stuffer who can get push up front and hurry quarterbacks. That’s an invaluable trait in today’s NFL.

10. Tyron Johnson | OSU | WR

No matter if Tyron gets more looks/production during his OSU tenure than what he’s getting now, he’ll get a ton of looks as a pro simply because of his pedigree: Former five-star prospect, No. 1 receiver out of his recruiting class in high school, and quick twitch speed-in-a-phone booth. Cast in the right situation, he can be a star.

11. Calvin Bundage | OSU | LB

Calvin Bundage’s best pro selling point is as an edge-rusher, and likely not as a true linebacker. OSU is using him in that manner this season in some situations, but he’ll likely need to put on weight to become a viable option in the NFL. Nonetheless, his mobility from the position and undeniable talent are there.

Honorable mentions

  • Chuba Hubbard, OSU running back
  • Ceedee Lamb, OU wide receiver
  • Grant Calcaterra, OU tight end
  • Kenneth Murray, OU linebacker
  • AJ Green, OSU cornerback
  • Rodarius Williams, OSU cornerback
  • Brendan Radley-Hiles, OU cornerback
  • Jelani Woods, OSU tight end

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