PFB - Poll Question Thursday: Is Tailgating for Football Games Overrated or Underrated?

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Feb 17, 2018
Inspired by the latest edition of the PFB Podcast where Kyle and Carson debated topics like Boone Pickens Stadium, Lebron James, and The Players Championship, comes this week’s poll question.

Is tailgating for OSU football games overrated or underrated?

Let's play some overrated/underrated in today's poll question: Tailgating in Stillwater for football games.

— Pistols Firing (@pistolsguys) May 17, 2018

OSU is known for its tailgating. It’s the one thing that outsiders point to when they compare a game-day experience in Stillwater, to one in Norman. It’s not even a contest. OSU’s is superior, in large part due to the campus-wide tailgating scene.

I’ve been going to OSU football games since birth and my family never tailgated. The closest we ever came to it was stopping by the Oklahoma Pork Council tent to grab a meal before we went inside the stadium.

So I don’t have much experience with it, but it’s my understanding that truly tailgating involves immense behind the scenes effort to coordinate and execute, which can include hours of setup and breakdown. It’s also expensive and you can often come home with a trunk full of leftovers.

The vibrant tailgating scene used to make up for the lackluster on-field performance, but now that Gundy is cranking out 10-win seasons on an annual basis and OSU has a top-notch stadium and atmosphere, does it still resonate? I’ll leave it to you to decide. Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments, I’ll see you there.

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