PFB - PFB Predictions for OSU-Kansas State: Consensus Says Pokes Pull Out Close One

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Feb 17, 2018
After OSU had a dud of an afternoon last week against Iowa State, we’re all a little perplexed about this team. Nonetheless, Kansas State’s struggles has our team optimistic a bounceback is in order this weekend in Manhattan.

Let’s get to our predictions for the week.

Kyle Porter: OSU 38 | KSU 30 — I don’t know what to think at this point. I still believe in Gundy. I still believe in the infrastructure. I believe in the advanced metrics. Unfortunately I also believe that Kansas State has 29 different players on its roster that could play QB and light OSU up for 450+ total yards and a potential win. I’ll say the one possession game swings back in the Pokes’ favor this week, though.

Kyle Boone: Oklahoma State 42 | Kansas State 41 — There’s bound to be some wacky activities in the Little Apple, and I’m 100 percent here for a missed extra point deciding the game. I think OSU’s offense is going to put up points, it’s just a matter of whether or not A) OSU can protect Cornelius and B) OSU’s defensive secondary fixes some issues that plagued it last week. I like OSU to pull out a squeaker.

Kyle Cox: Oklahoma State 38 | Kansas State 34 — I think this one will be tighter than people believe with the Pokes actually playing from behind in the second half, Bill Snyder pulls some QB off the bench that even his OC doesn’t know and he looks like the second coming of Collin Klein. But I think the pendulum is due for a return swing and the Cardiac Cowboys regain some mojo with a couple of turnovers (K-State is last in TO margin in the Big 12), and a late scoring drive by Cornelius. Or Dru Brown(?) or Keondre Wudtee.

Marshall Scott: Oklahoma State 42 | Kansas State 38 — My gut says OSU is going to win, but my head keeps trying to convince me otherwise. I think OSU will get ahead by quite a bit, then K-State will have a late push but fall short.

Dustin Ragusa: Oklahoma State 38 | Kansas State 27 — The Wildcats currently have the worst passing offense in the Big 12. Although they have a talented running back in Alex Barnes, and a capable running quarterback in Skylar Thompson, I don’t think they have enough on offense to beat the Cowboys. With their more mobile option at quarterback, Alex Delton, banged up, KSU might be more conservative in the quarterback running game than they have recently. This bodes well for the OSU defense as they’ve had trouble stopping this element of the game. On offense, I think the Pokes will be able to get things going in the running game as the Wildcats haven’t been great in rush defense all season and recently gave up 261 yards and 3 touchdowns to Baylor. I think Cornelius limits mistakes and the Pokes win this one by double digits.

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