PFB - OSU Target Courtney Ramey Sets Up Three In-Home Visits

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Feb 17, 2018
Missouri and Louisville were thought to have been off the board for four-star point guard Courtney Ramey, with Missouri accepting transfer guard Mark Smith and Louisville coach Chris Mack openly admitting his staff wasn’t recruiting the St. Louis product. But that seems to have changed.

According to Rivals’ Corey Evans, Ramey is loaded down with three in-home visits this week that includes both Missouri and Louisville on Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively, and begins with Texas on Monday.

Busy week for top-50 guard Courtney Ramey as in-home visits are set in the coming days with complete staffs on hand:
Today: Texas
Tuesday: Missouri
Wednesday: Louisville@DMcComasOB @GabeDeArmond @howielindsey

— Corey Evans (@coreyevans_10) April 16, 2018

Ramey named all three in his most recent top 10 that also includes Oklahoma State, Ohio State, South Carolina, Illinois, Oregon, SMU and Minnesota.

Though recent roster movement at Missouri seems to have dictated that Ramey look elsewhere, the in-state Tigers continue to recruit him. And Louisville, where he was previously committed, seems to have changed its tune on him in hopes of luring in its first 2018 commitment.

The in-home visits may determine nothing in the way of his final decision, but they’re worth noting if only because Oklahoma State, after this weekend, appeared to be the leader in the clubhouse. So with him choosing to keep his options open, it doesn’t appear as if the Cowboy coaching staff has quite sealed the deal with him, leaving the door open for him to pick elsewhere during the ongoing signing period.

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