PFB - OSU QB Commit Shane Illingworth Throws Seven TDs to Start Senior Season

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Feb 17, 2018
People lost track of how many touchdown passes Shane Illingworth threw Friday night.

Illingworth and the Norco (California) Cougars opened their season in Arizona on Friday night against Williams Field. Illingworth’s squad won 52-27. had the Oklahoma State commit throwing for 476 yards and six touchdowns, and Los Angeles Times reporter Eric Sondheimer had Illingworth with 476 yards and seven scores. The Hudl film the four-star gunslinger released Saturday showed seven.

Anytime people are losing track of just how many touchdowns were scored is probably a good thing for the player scoring them.

Norco touchdown for a 35-20 lead over Williams Field. QB Shane Illingworth hit WR Marquis Ashley over the middle for a 30-yard TD.

— Jack Butler (@Butler917) August 24, 2019

Illingworth is the 219th-ranked player in the 2020 class and the 10th-ranked pro-style quarterback of the cycle. He is quite the specimen at 6-foot-7, 234 pounds. He committed to OSU on May 15, choosing the Cowboys over Louisville, Arkansas, Boston College, Arizona State, Arizona, Colorado, Oregon State, Washington State and San Jose State.

Here are Illingworth’s full highlights from Friday night:

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