PFB - OSU Given 30/1 Odds to Win College Football Playoff

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Feb 17, 2018
Oklahoma State is among the top 10 in title odds according to one Vegas sportsbook. SuperBookSports gave the Cowboys 30/1 odds to win the College Football Playoff this season.

Both Oklahoma and Texas are ahead of OSU after a combined 107-3 shellacking of Missouri State and UTEP, respectively.

New @CFBPlayoff title odds via @SuperBookSports after Week 1:

Clemson 2/1
Bama 3/1
UGA 5/1
OU 10/1
UF, Texas 12/1
ND 20/1
A&M, OkSt 30/1
Auburn, LSU 40/1
Miami 60/1
UNC 80/1
Cincy, TCU, Tenn, UCF 100/1
ISU 200/1
Baylor, FSU, UL, VT 300/1
AppSt, BYU, Louisiana, Memphis 500/1

— Brett McMurphy (@Brett_McMurphy) September 14, 2020

Oklahoma State’s odds actually got longer while the Cowboys sat inactive according to another betting service. gave the Pokes 50/1 odds, up from 40/1 last week.

#OKState's #CFP odds went from 40/1 to 50/1 after an inactive Week 2.

Full #Big12 odds:
Oklahoma: 15/2
Texas: 14/1
Oklahoma State: 50/1
Iowa State: 80/1
Baylor: 100/1
TCU: 125/1
West Virginia: 125/1
Texas Tech: 150/1
Kansas State: 300/1
Kansas: 500/1

Odds per @betonline_ag.

— Kyle Cox (@KyleCoxPFB) September 14, 2020

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