PFB - OSU’s Recruiting Momentum Under Mike Boynton May Just Be Getting Started

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Feb 17, 2018
Keylan and Kalib Boone, Tulsa Memorial standouts in the Class of 2019, committed to Oklahoma State on Monday in an article published on the Tulsa World, written by Bill Haisten. Their decision comes ahead of schedule in the eyes of most who have closely followed them, including of their own timetable as laid out to the World.

But it couldn’t have come at a better time for Mike Boynton, whose approval rating in Stillwater and beyond is high enough to run — and maybe even win — a mayoral election. Not only has he landed his top in-state targets for 2019, he did so less than 24 hours after cushioning next season’s roster by landing talented big man Kentrevious Jones, a former Xavier signee who brings depth and talent to a depleted frontcourt.

Do you feel that? Is your heart beating a little faster after reading that last paragraph? This is what momentum on the recruiting trail looks and feels like. And it may be the start of an eventual avalanche that could continue to cascade into the summer as the staff plugs roster holes that remain aplenty.

With Boynton finding his crootin’ sea legs, it’s with anticipation and excitement OSU fans can now ask, “Who’s next?”

Let’s take a look at the big board, regardless of classification, of prospects who could be next on Boynton’s commitment list.

Courtney Ramey | 6-3, 170-pounds | Class of 2018

When Mike Boynton sent out the bat signal that good news may be on the way on Saturday, Twitter was abuzz with speculation that Ramey, a St. Louis area four-star point guard, had potentially pulled the trigger and committed to Oklahoma State.

He didn’t. But that doesn’t mean he won’t.

Oklahoma State is sitting in a really, really good spot with Ramey right now. After Louisville, Illinois, Missouri and South Carolina unofficially ducked out of the race for him over the last week by either accepting commitments from other point guards or voluntarily jumping out of the running, Oklahoma State stands to be the favorite — with Ohio State and Texas being the most likely contenders.

I continue to feel strongly about OSU’s shot to land Ramey, and I’m more confident now than I was a week ago that it will happen. And his decision is likely to happen fairly soon.

Wyatt Walker | 6-9, 240-pounds | Grad transfer

Samford graduate transfer Wyatt Walker is the exact prospect OSU needs. At 6-foot-9, 240-pounds, Walker has experience and talent to start at OSU from day one, and would beautifully complement a talented frontcourt haul in Yor Anei, Duncan Demuth and Kentrevious Jones that is young and inexperienced.

Walker is set to visit at the end of the month after visits to NC State and Wisconsin.

Mike Cunningham | 6-0, 185-pounds | Grad transfer

USC Upstate combo guard Mike Cunningham is high on OSU’s radar, and will be on OSU’s campus on April 22, sandwiched in between visits to Oklahoma and Louisville. The immediately eligible transfer averaged 13.7 points and 3 assists per game last season.

Cunningham is expected to make a final decision after his April 25 visit to Louisville, so OSU has a shot to roll out the red carpet and make a big impression just days before his decision, which I expect will come in the next 10 days or so. He could be a point guard or off-ball guard for Boynton and would provide a proven Div. I scoring presence to a roster full of youth.

Armando Bacot | 6-10, 240-pounds | Class of 2019

Mike Boynton paid a visit to five-star big man Armando Bacot this weekend, and OSU continues to be a factor in his recruitment. Bacot has numerous high major offers including from Duke, UNC and others, but OSU remains a legitimate contender despite him being from across the country in Virginia.

Ed Chang | 6-7, 180-pounds | Class of 2018

After decommitting from Washington, Oklahoma State immediately jumped in the mix for Chang with an offer to 2018 Nebraska prospect Ed Chang. Chang is a small forward, high-flying recruit who has ties to OSU’s roster, as he’s friends with OSU signee Yor Anei.

It’s yet to be determined if that connection will help OSU or not in any tangible way, but Chang’s one to watch in the coming weeks as he narrows his options in the wake of his recent decision to open up his recruitment.

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