PFB - OSU’s Cowboy Backs Up to Challenge of ISU’s Tight Ends

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Feb 17, 2018
Charlie Kolar, Chase Allen and Dylan Soehner got a lot of pub from Oklahoma media heading into Saturday, and the Pokes’ Cowboy Backs took exception to that.

Oklahoma State’s tight end/full back hybrids were a big part of OSU’s 24-21 victory against Iowa State. Many call for Jelani Woods and Logan Carter to be used more frequently, and maybe a game like Saturday’s gives the OSU coaching staff more confidence in that thought moving forward.

“Going into it, there was a little bit of a rivalry there,” OSU offensive coordinator Kasey Dunn said. “They’ve got a great set of tight ends there at Iowa State, and our guys wanted to play well. We wanted to get our guys active, too. There was a little bit of motivation from both Logan and Jelani going into the game, so we felt, ‘Hey, let’s give these guys a couple shots in there.’ And we did.”

The highlight play of the day for any tight end was Woods’ first-quarter touchdown. Woods found an opening up the seam, caught a finesse pass from Spencer Sanders and drug a few Iowa State defenders into the end zone.

It was a 34-yard score, and that play alone would’ve made for a career high for Woods in terms of receiving yards in a game. He had 33 yards against Iowa State in 2019 and 2018.

“It felt really good to get the touchdown” Woods said. “I tip my hat to Spencer because all week we’ve been hitting home on reading the defense and seeing which one’s open. Him having the quick read and then looking for me, I tip my hat off for him because I feel like he had a pretty good game.”

In the game, Woods and Carter combined for six catches, 81 yards and Woods’ touchdown.

Iowa State’s tight ends had seven catches for 86 yards and no scores.

“It’s always good to have a competition to go against,” Woods said. “I feel like if we have a competition, it just makes you better. Just trying to outplay them in that type of thought, was really good for us as a group because we can just base ourselves where we’re at right now and how we can get better.”

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