PFB - Oklahoma State to Open Advocare Invitational Against Memphis

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OP News

Feb 17, 2018
While we’re still waiting on Oklahoma State’s full 2018 nonconference basketball schedule to be released, we did find out the identity of another opponent.

On Wednesday, the Advocare Invitational released their full bracket, which pits OSU against the Memphis Tigers on Thursday, November 22. OSU could potentially face the defending national champs Villanova, with the Wildcats and Canisius joining the Cowboys on the same side of the bracket. LSU, College of Charleston, Florida State, and UAB round out the eight-team field.

While a matchup with Memphis (and possibly Villanova) will be a tough task for a new-look Cowboy squad, it certainly presents an opportunity for multiple quality opponents. After getting left out of last season’s NCAA tournament due to a low RPI and nonconference schedule ranking, Mike Boynton has made it a priority to strengthen the schedule this season. Memphis finished last season with an RPI of 108.

While the Cowboys will bring plenty of fresh faces to the court this season, Memphis will bring an entirely new coaching staff, with Memphis legend Penny Hardaway now at the helm of his alma mater.

OSU and Memphis previously met in the Final of the Advocare Invitational back in 2013, with the Tigers 73-68. However, OSU leads the all-time series 5-3, including a 73-55 victory in the last meeting, a 2014 matchup in Memphis.

Memphis joins an impressive list of nonconference opponents for 2018 including Nebraska, Minnesota, Houston, South Carolina, Tulsa, and College of Charleston.

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