PFB - Oklahoma State Ranked 10th in First Preseason Wrestling Poll

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Feb 17, 2018
For years WIN magazine has consistently been the first wrestling outlet to release their preseason poll. The 2019-20 edition came out Wednesday and Oklahoma State sits just inside the top 10.

WIN’s 2019-20 NCAA Div. I Tournament Power Index

Rank School Total Ranked Top 8 Ranked TPI Points
1 Iowa 9 8 106.5
2 Penn State 8 5 97
3 Wisconsin 6 3 51.5
4 Nebraska 6 4 50
5 Lehigh 5 4 42.5
6 Minnesota 4 3 40
7 Iowa State 8 3 39.5
T-8 Arizona State 4 3 39
T-8 Ohio State 5 2 39
10 Oklahoma State 5 4 38

Iowa edges out Penn State for the top spot while Oklahoma State sits just a few points behind Minnesota, Iowa State, Arizona State, and Ohio State.

With a very different looking lineup this season the Cowboys have five ranked wrestlers total with four in the top 8.

Nick Piccininni comes in at No. 4 at 125, Boo Lewallen is No. 6 at 149, Joe Smith No. 8 at 174, and Dakota Geer No. 6 at 197. Wyatt Sheets comes in at No. 20 at 157.

Most expect Daton Fix to take an Olympic redshirt, with that and Kaid Brock out with injury, there is no one ranked at 133 or 141. The expectation is Kaden Gfeller will drop to 141, which is a fairly wide open weight. OU’s Dom Demas is ranked No. 1 and PSU’s Nick Lee, who Kaden beat during his redshirt year, is ranked No. 2. This ranking presumably expects redshirt freshman Travis Wittlake at 165 and Anthony Montalvo at 184. Neither are ranked, but both are fairly highly touted prospects who could make some noise.

The gap between Iowa, PSU, and the rest of the field is massive. This lends the to assumption that Gfeller, Wittlake, Montalvo, and some of the other unranked wrestlers could close that gap and get OSU into team trophy contention.

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