PFB - Oklahoma State Projects First Starting Lineup of Basketball Season

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Feb 17, 2018
It’s Bedlam Saturday, but with the college basketball season less than a week away, the Cowboys released some news.

Oklahoma State released its first game notes of the season that included a projected starting lineup that read:

Cade Cunningham
Ferron Flavors
Isaac Likekele
Keylan Boone
Kalib Boone

Four of those five guys were longtime thought to be starting, but the one half-surprise of that group is Keylan Boone. Some thought Matthew-Alexander Moncrieffe would start at the four for the Pokes.

Keylan Boone has an incredible amount of potential. A sophomore, he is 6-foot-8, can shoot the 3, rebound and has shown he can be a good defender. He could turn into a posterboy for a 3-and-D guy.

Some OSU fans might be unfamiliar with projected starting shooting guard Ferron Flavors. Flavors joined the Cowboys this offseason as a graduate transfer from Cal Baptist. He made 42.7 percent of 3-point attempts last season, that was 16th best in the NCAA.

Flavors is a complimentary piece to Cade Cunningham and Isaac Likekele, who are both at their best when driving the lane and creating plays for others. Flavors and Keylan Boone should help space the floor for guys like Cunningham and Likekele to attack the openings.

OSU opens its season Wednesday on the road against UT-Arlington. That game starts at 3 p.m. on ESPN2.

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