PFB - Oklahoma State Offers 2022 Texas Running Back Jayshon Powers

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OP News

Feb 17, 2018
Class of 2022 running back prospect Jayshon Powers picked up an offer from Oklahoma State this week giving him his first Power 5 offer of his early recruitment.

Powers, a 5-foot-10 speedster from Garland, Texas, announced the news on his Twitter account over the weekend:

I would gladly like to announce that I have received my second offer from Oklahoma State University I want thank everyone who made this possible and a special thanks to the OSU coaching staff for this opportunity #okstate #Cowboys

— Jayshon Powers (@PowersJayshon) August 17, 2019

Powers plays primarily at running back, a seamless fit because of his top-end speed and shiftiness. But for Garland, he’s a bit of a swiss-army knife; he also plays safety, linebacker, receiver, and at times a return specialist.

Garland is the fourth known offer for OSU at running back in the 2022 cycle, and thus far the most unknown of the quartet. OSU also has offers out to five-star running backs Jadarian Prince and Raleek Brown in addition to four-star top-100 Texas talent Emeka Megwa.

Take a look at Powers’ highlights from last season (as a true freshman!) below:

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