PFB - Oklahoma State-Nebraska Series Set for … 2034-35

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Feb 17, 2018
Hope we’re all still alive for this one! Oklahoma State and Nebraska will play a pair of college football games 14 years from now, it was announced on Thursday.

The 2034 game will be in Lincoln and the 2035 game will be in Stillwater. Mike Gundy will be 66 years old.

Regardless, OSU adds to their list of solid future Power 5 opponents.

2022: Arizona St.
2023: Arizona St.
2024: Arkansas
2025: Oregon
2026: Oregon
2027: Arkansas
2032: Arkansas
2033: Arkansas
2034: Nebraska
2035: Nebraska

The Nebraska games — in a sport in which different quarters can feel like they took place in different years — feels as if it’s lifetimes away. However, it will be fun for OSU and its fans to see what Dillon Stoner can do in his final two years of eligibility against a team that has traditionally dominated the Cowboys.

OSU and Nebraska have faced each other 42 times with Nebraska taking 37 of those. OSU won the first two in 1960-61 and then didn’t win again until 2002 before going on to win three of five before the Huskers left for the Big Ten Conference.

Sept. 15, 2035 possible College Gameday destination rankings:

1. Oklahoma at Clemson
2. Nebraska at Oklahoma State

Will update over the next 15 years

— Matt Brown (@MattBrownCFB) February 13, 2020

Walt Garrison, Brent Blackman, Doug Meacham, @Zac_Robinson5 #okstate #GoPokes

— Doug Shivers (@casdas29) February 13, 2020

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